So, your company has set an ambitious target for transitioning to renewable energy. Maybe you joined the RE100 and committed to going 100 percent renewable on or before a certain date. Now comes the tricky part, how do you actually get all of your stakeholders around your organization to support and deliver on the commitment. NUS can help you implement a process to take you from target announcement to fulfillment.

NUS's team has the expertise and resources to take your organization's energy sustainability objectives and develop a detailed strategic plan on how to achieve them. The plan will document your organization's sustainability commitment and describe the various methods recommended by country (i.e., certificates, offsets, green supply agreements, and power purchase agreements) as well as project schedule and milestones to fulfill your commitment.

In any large complex organization, the success or failure of a project can depend upon stakeholder engagement and support. This is particularly true concerning energy where typically, several stakeholders have responsibility for this spend category. Once you have approved the plan, NUS will support you in securing the engagement and support of key stakeholders within your organization.

NUS's local specialist will support you in progressively implementing the required procurement processes to achieve each milestone and, finally, the overall sustainability goal. Every energy market around the world is unique. NUS's local experts will help navigate the complexities and nuances of each market, track your progress, and ensure your plan is implemented without issue.

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