Flash - Final Capacity Bids for 2023

The Capacity price for 2023 reached 60,000€/MW, increasing 151 % compared with the price set by the relevant bids in 2021 for 2022 (23,900 €/MW).

This price also shows an increase compared with the trend in the two earlier scheduled auctions for 2023 (respectively coming in at 18,100 €/MW and 15,000 €/MW).

This auction price of 60,000 €/MW sets the ceiling for the settlement of capacity needs during the 2023 delivery year set by The Committee for Energy Regulation (CRE).

Following the announcement of the ARENH reduction and according to guidelines that oversee for a majority of electricity contracts, this final auction will set the buy-back price for the capacity obligation of suppliers for their clients who signed an ARENH Indexed contract for 2023.

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