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NUS Consulting Group: COVID-19 Update

During this unprecedented global crisis, all of NUS Consulting Group’s global offices have successfully transitioned to remote working. As a result, over the past several weeks, our consultants have continued supporting clients by managing their existing energy supply contracts as well as tendering for future supply contracts to lock in today’s favorable energy prices.

Should your organization require professional energy management support during these challenging times, please do not hesitate to contact us at contact@nusconsulting.com.

Please stay safe and exercise social distancing.

We Improve Your Business’ Performance

Although energy is vital to all businesses, it is rarely viewed as a priority. Our energy management service is designed to support and improve your existing processes and systems, providing greater transparency and control over your energy costs.

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Learn More About Energy Management as a Service

Research Note

It is time to rethink the way businesses manage energy. Energy can contribute to a business’s overall profitability. Why wait to benefit from deregulation, unleash the value of data, or gain greater control and visibility over future costs?

A Smarter Approach To Energy Management

A Smarter Approach to Energy Management

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In this whitepaper we explore several of the major issues in developing the structural framework for identifying and selecting the best energy management consulting firm to achieve your objectives. A must read prior to issuing an RFP.

Choosing the Right Energy Management Consultant

Choosing the Right Energy Management Consultant

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People Make The Difference

As an international professional services company our people are our greatest asset. The determination, commitment and expertise of our people allow us to provide industry leading solutions in the field of energy management and sustainability to our clients.

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People Make the Difference