NUS Consulting Netherlands

NUS Consulting Group's Benelux operations were established in 1968. We maintain offices in both Zaventem, Belgium (by the Brussel Airport), and Amsterdam. NUS has been providing innovative energy management and sustainability solutions to commercial and industrial businesses in the Benelux region for over 50 years. Today, we provide solutions to over 150 energy-intensive domestic and international companies.

The energy markets in Benelux (Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg) are fully deregulated and highly competitive. Like many other European markets, the Benelux countries are transitioning electricity generation away from fossil fuels and nuclear power to renewable sources. Both Belgium and the Netherlands import a significant proportion of their electricity. The countries sit between two of Europe's largest electricity producers – France and Germany. Belgium imports a substantial amount of electricity from France, while the Netherlands imports electricity primarily from Germany. Due to their dependence on outside markets, each country's electricity pricing is strongly correlated to its neighbors' market prices.

The Netherlands, with its off-shore natural gas fields, is Europe's second-largest producer and exporter of natural gas, following Norway. It is also home to Europe's largest natural gas trading hub – TFF. On the other hand, Belgium has little to no natural gas production importing 100 percent of its requirements from the Netherlands and other countries. The Dutch government's announcement that production from the Groningen gas field will be limited to the exceptionally cold winter days only, from 2022 onward, with the ultimate goal of shutting it down entirely by 2026, will materially impact both the Benelux and broader European gas markets.

Our local Benelux team of experts provides clients comprehensive energy management and sustainability solutions, including invoice processing and validation, payment data files, analysis, procurement, budgeting, and sustainability services. For larger industrial clients, we provide procurement and risk management support for flexible and click-based supply contracts, including market monitoring, strategy development, energy trading, and reporting.

In addition to these services, NUS Benelux provides clients energy efficiency, sustainability, and compliance support, including sourcing Guarantees of Origin (GOs) and Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs), CDP and GHG regulatory compliance, on-site/off-site power purchase agreements (PPAs), and virtual power purchase agreements (VPPAs).

We are dedicated to providing clients with innovative solutions and exceptional services to support their cost management and sustainability objectives.