Country Energy Reports

Country Energy Reports
Economics, politics, infrastructure and the availability of natural resources are some of the many elements that shape a country’s energy market. Keeping track of a country’s energy price trends, regulatory updates, and carbon reporting requirements is a resource intensive endeavor. Consequently, NUS publishes monthly country-specific energy reports to keep businesses informed of energy market developments at the national level.

Canada Energy Market Report – September 2018

​Electricity Discussion: After a whole summer of volatility, the Alberta power market has taken a breather, but even September’s monthly weighted average price of $0.0363/kWh would have been a high-water […]

Canada Energy Market Report – August 2018

Electricity: There’s nothing like a little summertime heat to bring out the character in an electricity market – both Alberta and Ontario have experienced increases in the market price due […]

Canada Energy Market Report – June 2018

Electricity Discussion: The election of a Progressive Conservative government could mean significant changes on the electricity file. Power prices remained a top issue during the campaign and the new government […]

Canada Energy Market Report – March 2018

Electricity Hedging Strategy: What a difference a year makes – this time last year the Alberta power market was on the brink of capitulation and today you would be forgiven […]

Canada Energy Market Report – February 2018

Electricity Hedging Strategy: These days, electricity below $0.10/kWh is a real treat for class B customers in Ontario as they are stuck between low-volume consumers and energy intensive heavy industry, […]

Canada Energy Market Report – January 2018

Electricity Hedging Strategy: Alberta prices rocketed upwards to a 36-month high in January as cold weather caused record-high demand for power, (more than 10% over December) and the planned increase […]