Jason Durden Joins NUS Consulting Group’s UK Office

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NUS Consulting Group is pleased to announce that Jason Durden is joining its United Kingdom office as the Head of Energy Markets & Risk Management - Europe. Jason brings a wealth of experience to NUS Consulting Group in this role, having worked in the energy management consultancy sector and traded energy for over twenty years.

Jason possesses extensive skills in the area of strategic energy risk management, trading, market analysis, and procurement specializing in supporting and advising Industrial and Commercial enterprises across the UK and Europe. He has extensive experience in working with large international organisations and understanding their particular requirements in successfully developing and deploying complex international energy risk management strategies.

Jason will take up his new role leading NUS Consulting Group's Markets, Trading & Risk (MTR) business area on 3 October 2022. Jason will be a major contributor to the group's plans to expand its domestic and international operations. All of the international employees and staff members of NUS Consulting Group are very pleased to welcome Jason to the company and look forward to working with him in his new role.

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About NUS Consulting Group

NUS Consulting Group ("NUS") is an international energy management and sustainability consultancy headquartered in the United States with offices located throughout Europe, North America, South Africa, and Australia. Our global footprint, long-standing industry relationships, and dedicated team of local energy professionals mean we possess the experience, expertise, and resources necessary to develop and implement innovative energy management and sustainability solutions for energy-intensive organizations.

Our core energy management services include invoice data capture and validation, energy information systems, analysis, procurement, risk management, and budgeting. The goal is to provide businesses with price optimization and stability, budgeting transparency and clear line-of-sight as to energy cost drivers, and market intelligence to effectively navigate the quickly changing energy markets.

NUS's sustainability support services complement our core energy management services, assisting organizations in defining and achieving their overall energy sustainability strategy. Our experienced international team helps organizations define their decarbonization objectives, construct and track carbon footprints, develop science-based Net-Zero roadmaps, and implement them through a combination of energy efficiency, certificates, green tariffs, supply agreements, and power purchase agreements.

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